janaki ramudu

Review: This low spending motion picture is a sentimental romantic tale. Ramu and Janaki become hopelessly enamored and they have an extraordinary time together. They battle all chances to get hitched. The motion picture is set in a town foundation. The entire script of the motion picture is about immaculate love and sentiment. The adolescent of today’s era would discover the film intriguing.

Cast and Crew:

Movie: Janaki Ramudu

Star Cast: Naveen Sanjay and Mouryani

Direction: Satish Babu

Cinematography: Anil

Music: Gifton Elias

Produced by: Mp Naidu

Banner: Kaveri Media banner

Release date: 16th December 2016

Performance: All the actors in the film are new in the industry. The lead cast of the film Naveen Sanjay and Mouryani made great efforts in portraying their roles. The emotional scenes of the movie need a special mention. Supporting characters of the film have done a commendable job too.


Lead actors performances

First half



Negative Talk:


Second half editing

Lead actors performances No depth in emotional scenes!

Final Word: The movie is a good romantic entertainer but lacks a lot of elements. Moreover, “Janaki Ramudu” is predictable and lacked a good mix of comedy. Though the first half of the film is good, the movie fails to entertain the audience in its second half. The dialogues and screenplay were well delivered. On the whole, the movie was good.