Beset alcohol nobleman Vijay Mallya today said his twitter and email accounts have been hacked and some of his own and money related points of interest, including passwords, addresses and telephone number, were posted.

“My record has been hacked by somebody called Legion who are Tweeting now in my name. Basically disregard. Will settle this. Equip called Legion has hacked my email accounts and are extorting me!! What a joke,” Mr Mallya tweeted prior toward the beginning of today.

The hackers, called ‘Legion’, denied blackmailing charges made by Mr Mallya.

We did not blackmail Mallya, any and all rumours are assumptions and fake!
He is creating propaganda.

– Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

They have also threatened to release information and documents related to Mr Mallya.

Legion will release a list of all documents pertaining to mallya over the course of few days.

– Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

More info on Mallyas bank accounts & foreign assets will be published as the investigation is completed in some other matters.

– Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

Stay tuned for updates!

– Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

The tweets have now been deleted, following a complaint by Mr Mallya.