The “yellow” media in Telugu States would not make any mischief Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu. Whatever the work they do, the ace TDP media outlets would amplify the episode and broadcast in the support of the decision TDP party. Any news relating to these pioneers are managed circumspectly by the media channels.


The discussion in the media circles is that some extraordinary notification have been sent to news stations in the State guiding them with respect to what sort of visuals ought to be broadcasted. On the off chance that any news must be broadcast about Venkiah Naidu, the news editorial manager was advised to utilize specific visuals including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Essentially, the news channels are told to utilize vidoes in which Modi and Venkaiah are noticeable. The pictures in which Modi offering need to Venkaiah Naidu ought to be utilized as a part of the news story, the newsmen were told. Presently, a few experts opine that this strategy to tell the general population that Modi would not take any choice without counseling Venkaiah Naidu.

While some news channels are as of now taking after the directions, a staying few additionally fall in line now via airing the visuals of Modi and Venkaiah Naidu. The star TDP media are trying hard and fast endeavors to highlight Modi and Venkaiah are honorable.