Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan has asked the Andhra Pradesh government to move the Mega Aqua Food Park from Tundurru town in West Godavari. He cautioned that if TDP government neglected to consider the nearby tumult for moving of Mega Aqua Food Park, circumstances may transform into another Nandigram, where enormous fomentations occurred against the allotment of agriculturists’ property to TATA’s Nano extend in West Bengal.


Jana Sena Chief met the distressed agriculturists who originated from West Godavari to his home in Hyderabad. Pawan Kalyan requested that the state government pull back the distribution of agriculturists land to the Mega Food Project. He said that wastage from the business will prompt to contamination of River Godavari. He additionally asked for to move the venture from Tundurru town.

He guaranteed the ranchers that he will remain by the casualties of Mega Food Park and if the administration does not pull back from Mega Food Park proposition, he will lead the disturbance in support of the agriculturists. Pawan Kalyan has scrutinized Naidu’s administration “Why is segment 144 forced in the towns for 30 days?”. He additionally forewarned TDP that it came into power with the assistance of West Godavari area voters and ought to remember this before it makes any move on the issue.